Seed specialists for 230 years

As a proven full-range supplier, we provide our customers with a wide choice of cereals, maize, rapeseed, heavy legumes and catch crops as well as seed mixtures and grass. Extensive advice and support services round out this offering.


We provide solutions

A broad service portfolio enables us to meet highly specific customer needs. Options include designing, producing and marketing a proprietary grass mixture, providing a detailed overview of cereal varieties or delivering our own exclusive range backed by MAISSCOUT exact trials.

Our customer groups are diverse. Across Germany, we supply the private agricultural trade and local cooperatives as well as farmers, food retailers and DIY and health and beauty chains.

Our locations

We operate throughout Germany. Our sales outlets and production and processing plants are located nationwide, from Hagenow in the north to Regensburg in the south.


In addition to our headquarters in Münster, we have nine further sites in total including seven state-of-the-art production and processing plants with their own laboratories in Hagenow, Amelsbüren, Oer-Erkenschwick, Altenweddingen, Querfurt and Radibor. We also have six sales outlets located in Hagenow, Amelsbüren, Altenweddingen, Querfurt, Radibor and Regensburg.