Acting responsibly

Sustained development of our overall Group and passing it on to future workforce generations in good shape have been core business objectives at L. Stroetmann for over 230 years.

Strengthening and growing this family business through our daily actions is a key ongoing responsibility for everyone who works for the Group.

The following factors underpin everything that our employees and management teams do within the L. Stroetmann Group. They are what we aspire to and regard as our responsibility.

Our commitment

Our customers

Our day-to-day operations are centred on meeting customer needs and wishes as the basis of all our commercial activities.


Our quality

Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of our services and products. We can only achieve this if everyone in the company identifies with the goal of delivering maximum quality.


Our interactions

Interactions across our Group are characterised by mutual respect and trust. We support each other and work together to solve the challenges facing the company as effectively as possible. We want every employee to enjoy working for our company and are committed to that goal. We expect everyone to adhere to legal and ethical standards and to exhibit a high level of personal integrity.

Our profits

Generating appropriate profits makes it possible to invest and innovate. Investing in business assets and staff training enables us to secure our company’s long-term position.

Our vision of sustainability

We are part of society and believe we have a duty to increase the common good and to contribute to conserving the environment and natural resources.

In our view, there is no inherent conflict between social harmony, economic needs and ecological requirements. Balancing these priorities is central to how we do business and shapes our understanding of sustainability.

Only by operating in a sustainable way on a social, economic and ecological level can we enjoy sustained success and pass our company on to subsequent generations in good shape, ready for the future.